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We are a market leader in the special and heavy transport industry. Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide innovative and Bespoke solutions to our customers, anywhere and anytime.

Our customers depend on us, we earn their trust by offering comprehensive solutions for abnormal loads and heavy transport. We have the resources and the possibility to operate throughout all of Europe, Scandinavia, and UK. We solve transport solutions, regardless of size or destination of your cargo.

Expansion of the company went together with the opening of offices in Sweden and the United Kingdom, enabling us to provide important support and direct access to permits and local knowledge. With our offices in The Netherlands, Sweden, and UK, we offer a unique unaccompanied shipping service for abnormal load and heavy cargo.

Westdijk trucks are a common sight on the roads in the Europe, Scandinavia, and UK. In addition to our special and heavy transport services, the Westdijk Group can also offer a comprehensive and competitive logistical service for general full load and express shipments throughout the Europe, Scandinavia, and UK.


Abnormal loads & heavy transport

Westdijk is a leading name in abnormal load and heavy transport. We are a strong family business with 50 years’ experience in international transport. 

We rely on our knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment. Having a good knowledge and understanding of the industry allows us to work closely together with our customers to provide the best and most cost-effective solution.


Truck Mounted Cranes

Our crane department provides specialist lifting services using crane mounted trucks ranging from 1 tonne to 25 tonne. Together we will find a solution for your project and can be relied upon to lift and transport your cargo safely, to its destination.

You can expect flexibility, competence, and professionalism from us and trust we have your needs in hand.



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Westdijk Transport UK Limited
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Westdijk Sweden AB
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