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Evaporator Vessel

Westdijk completed the delivery of a large separator tank with dimensions, 19.00 m long x 5.90 m wide x 6.00 m high and weighing 135-tonne, from Southern Germany to Antwerp Port, Belgium.

The transport was undertaken using Westdijk’s 16-line modular Goldhofer THP type UT, with a height of 90 cms. Pulling the heavy load we used our Mercedes Benz SLT 650 horsepower truck, with Voight turbo coupling and a pushing MAN equipped with WSK and a 680-horsepower engine to navigate the steep inclines along the route. The total loaded combination measured 48.00 m long x 5.90 m wide x 6.90 mh and weighing 265-tonne.

Due to such huge transport dimensions and weight, it was not possible to drive by road from the collection address to the final deliver address. Westdijk’s experienced team arranged the local road transport, transfer by crane from trailer to river barge for shipment to Antwerp.

The local road transport in Germany was no more than approx. 80 kilometres, but took 20 hours to complete. Throughout the entire journey, two men had to be positioned on top of the separator tank with special safety harnesses to lift wires and tree branches to allow the transport to move along the route.

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